She’s changed so much in these past years.

A girl who had so many fears.

The pain she went through everyday.

She’d fight but it would only stay.

The tears held back, the tears let go,

this illness was her biggest foe.

She thought that this was just a curse,

but then it happened, something worse.

Do hearts deceive? No doubt they do.

She loved a boy she thought she knew.

To sweet talk was his special knack,

but then he stabbed her in the back.

He “loved” her hard until no end

when really it was just pretend.

So through this time, she fell apart.

It broke and bruised her young weak heart.

When she couldn’t anymore,

she found another open door.

A new life waiting to begin,

a new girl living in her skin.

A chance not many could obtain.

Instead of losing, she would gain.

Now, at last, she feels alive.

The day she’s waited to arrive.

Of course there’s moments here and there

where life can be too much to bear.

The journey’s tough yet possible

to live her life, not vain, but full.

And now she knows her faith and strength

could help her go through any length.

Even though there’s difficult times,

Don’t forget the mountain she climbed

to end up where she’s meant to be.

A girl with chains has been set free.

My Other Half

My interpretations of the written word sink as deeply into the writing to create a real and profound meaning while making it have a personal connection with me. I don’t put a mask on my writing so it gives others an opportunity to catch a sincere glimpse as to who I am and what my perspectives are. It’s been 5 years since I realized the kind of bond I have with a notebook and a pen but there has always been that connection ever since I learned how to write. It was the other side of me.

I remember I would write at least a poem or entry a day when I moved to Florida during middle school and high school. Those years I went through some rough stages, and I can recall this one time, my freshman year in high school when I was in my history class and I had finished all my work ahead of time. I took out my special notebook filled with absolutely everything and entitled my new entry “Unwanted.” I was having one of my typical “off” days which meant “pour out all my thoughts on a blank sheet of paper” yet it was only 9:30 in the morning. For the rest of the period, I wrote a page and a half on how no one would ever be willing to listen or understand what I ‘m writing in this notebook. Even though this entry didn’t solve the main problem, letting it all out on paper with no boundaries gave me this sense of a tiny weight lifted off my shoulders. I left my history class that day with that tiny burden tucked inside my notebook instead of within my heart which was exactly how I liked it.

When I was little, I always said I was going to become a writer. But as high school came around, I started questioning whether or not it was something I wanted to pursue. I just didn’t know if it was what I truly wanted. But I do know that writing is something that I have a talent for, I’m good at it and I know what my capabilities are which could definitely lead into a career in the writing field. Whether becoming a professional writer is what I’m meant to be or not, I know for a fact that writing will always be a part of my life no matter where I go or what I do. Like I said, writing is my other half and that will never be taken away from me.

My notebook has always (literally) been open to letting me pour out whatever I couldn’t keep in anymore. My friend would always ask me, “Why do you always write in that notebook? It’s like you’re glued to the pen and paper.” My response would be “It’s the only thing that has the time to listen.” I, at least, had my escape just inches away from me waiting to listen and to share my burdens.