What’s my story?…

“I sit here in front of my ipad screen, sipping on rose and listening to Marilyn Monroe’s “Lazy”. I love the smoothness of Marilyn’s voice. “What’s my story?” I whisper to myself. There’s soo much to tell. I always believed that I have become a swan after a childhood of being an ugly duckling.

Unfortunately ever since my early years, having friends was difficult for me. My peers inside and outside of school thought I was weird, too quiet, too ugly to be seen with, and they isolated me willingly. Being awkward did not help on top of all of this. I had no confidence.

The worst part is, after being treated unfairly and hearing people naming their perceptions of me so many times, I began to believe it. That I was strange, and awkward, and better off alone. But one day I decided that they were wrong. I promised myself to have self compassion and face the amazing qualities I possessed; how I was intelligent, analytical, good-hearted, chic and passionate.

I did a 360 in my how I perceived myself. I did not put up with other people’s insecurities and I FILLED MYSELF with confidence and self-love. And it was a genuine love. In many ways, fashion reformed me to be more bold, creative and confident.

Apart of my beginnings as a Swan, I learned two things about myself – I love to help others, and I love fashion. To me, they intertwine so obviously and so ambiguously at the same time. My aspirations of who I want to be and what I want to do have been manifesting for a few years now.

One part is through helping my community, which I currently do as a crisis line responder (with plans to become a psychotherapist). The second part is engaging in fashion as a creative outlet, blogging about my style and all the topics that interest me in the fashion world. Helping people and playing with fashion interact in my blog Malgosiastyle.

Through my writing  I help people utilize fashion and style as a means for self growth and a creative outlet (icon series, trends, style guides, etc). That is my main goal, to inspire and guide people with the message to “be effortlessly chic and effortlessly you.”

I truly believe that there is magical effects in dressing to present the best version of yourself. When I started dressing like a CEO, it transformed and challenged myself to actually be a boss in my life. And I welcome everyone to do the same. Through cultivating your style, you can feel better, have more confidence in yourself and in your abilities, and also learn more about who you are.

I also dive into other topics on MalgosiaStyle because I believe fashion comes with so much more beautiful experiences; comic relief, important stories about mental health, analyses of our behavior, historic movements and more.

 But it’s much more powerful to see it in your eyes, and you can find it here (malgosiastyle.wordpress.com). I invite you to continue your journey on living your best life, loving your self more by the day, and hope you become effortlessly chic and effortlessly you!

XOXO Malgosia” @malgosiastyle

Explore opportunities…

1.  What got you into traveling?

“I have a curious character and I always want to explore opportunities and new places.”

2.  What’s been the most exotic place you’ve ever visited?

“I feel like Kenya would be that place because I usually adapt quickly anywhere I go but Kenya was a whole new world to me.”

3.  What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?

“Fried bugs from Cambodia”

4.  Do you have a place called home?

“I would have to say 1. Philippines and 2. Hawaii.”

5.  You must have been introduced to many cultures… which one  have you connected with the most?

“I connect mostly with Hawaiians and Chamorros because I do have a laid back character.  I have yet to find which is the best fit for me because I also like being proactive.  I think I have that balance between fast and chill.”

6.  Do you travel alone or prefer doing it by yourself?

“I’ve always liked good company for my travels but if I’m going to be really busy and have a lot of work, I prefer to travel by myself so I don’t have to drag the other person along.  Unless we’re business partners, of course!”

7.  How long do you see yourself traveling?

“Traveling will be a staple for me.  I actually travel less now and work on quality more than quantity.” @babetravelling

Rules that I live by…

“My story is very long but I love sharing it to inspire people! When I was in my early twenties, I went through rough time and grew up in a catholic school and my faith was never really something that concerned me. I became christian when I left my troubles and everything began to change for the better. I began to pray on my own and everything fell into place.

This year I opened up an online christian clothing store!! This is something I have always wanted to do and my line is based off of different quotes throughout the bible that have brought me to the place I am today! All these scriptures mean a lot to me and they have been rules that I live by. 

I noticed through my journey, becoming a christian was something that inspired me to be the best me and really express myself. I never really knew the difference growing up in a catholic church and the bible was always something I could never understand but I am glad I made the change and really worked on my relationship with God instead.

This was the best decision of my life and I hope everyone gets a chance to experience it! My online store also has tons of other things so feel free to check it out at shoplasshowroom.com” @lakenalexandra_ @shoplasshowroom

Make yourself happy…

“Hi, I’m Mikayla👋🏻 My happiness has always come from being around a large group of people and being able to help/encourage others! I’m much of an extrovert and sometimes that can be a bad thing. About 6 months ago after moving back to KY from FL, I couldn’t find my purpose.

I wanted something more. I had been used to living with 5 other girls and I didn’t want to be alone. Ever. I tried everything you could ever image, but nothing worked. A part of me just felt empty. I knew I loved social media and it was the only outlet I had to feel like I wasn’t alone.

I began to search the different ways I could connect to people on social media. I soon realized that “blogging” or being an “influencer” was big on the market and everyone was doing it. I made another Instagram to start from square one and boy what a decision that was.

Since I started my blog page, I have been able to connect with people from all around the world. Now, I always have something I could be doing and I truly never feel alone. That void was quickly filled by strangers that I am able to influence and encourage daily!

I have finally realized that I don’t need a large group of people to make me happy. I can make myself happy by influencing others. So, go out and do what’s best for you! Don’t depend on anything or anyone else for your happiness! Go out and make yourself happy💛
kayla” @kkaylaraee

Be good to yourself…

“Everybody deserves love and respect! This is something a lot of people forget. I love women who support each other, women who give each other compliments, that they look great or that they did an amazing job on something.

You are beautiful whatever size you are. My confidence is knowing that I am trying to be myself and not giving a damn about what anyone says. Sometimes that is difficult, even for me. But it is important that you try to love yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will.

‘Love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself, and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things'” @manonrozema

A new mother’s transformation…

April 26, 2018, a day that forever changed my life. My beautiful anticipated daughter’s arrival. I had a cesarean and couldn’t stop staring at her for three days straight (with no sleep). It was a rough recovery from surgery, to sleepless nights and trying to heal and breastfeed.

After weeks of feeling emotional, and mentally and physically drained I felt this sense of emptiness inside. I always wanted more, more happiness, more money, more things, more love. I just didn’t feel good enough. I didn’t feel like a good mother, wife or friend and I had no idea why.

This feeling took over and my thoughts. Why was I feeling so victimized to my circumstances, why was I not feeling good enough? From the outside people would think, she has it all, but on the inside, I felt incomplete with myself.

As I started learning about personal development, limiting beliefs and consciousness from Marissa Peer, Jim Fortin, and Abraham, I went through my own personal transformation. I was in a deep meditative place and recalled a time when I was only eleven years old, I was alone and all the girls were looking at me and deciding if I could be their friend.

I could literally feel my stomach twisting and turning and this deep sense of ‘I am not good enough’ came over me. At this time, I realized that was the moment my subconscious mind decided ‘I am not good enough’ and I carried that underneath everything in my life, without even knowing it.

We all have three limiting beliefs that are holding us back from truly being happy and fulfilled in life:

1.     I am not good enough

2.     I am different and no one understands me

3.     I am not deserving

By understanding that our subconscious mind and beliefs dictate 90% of our thoughts, emotions, and actions, we can finally let go and take control of our life. This was pure freedom knowing that THIS, untrue, sabotaging belief of me feeling not good enough was being played out even as a mother.

I went back and told myself, “that is not me anymore, I am enough just the way I am!” which is the truth. We would never tell our friends, family or children they are not good enough. They are BORN good enough and so are you.

If you ever have doubts, addictions, and pain that you cannot understand, it’s ok. It is most likely your subconscious beliefs controlling your life without you even knowing it. After going through and tackling my subconscious and building a healthy foundation, I feel at peace, loved and elated. It inspires me every day to share this with others, to teach my daughter that YOU ARE ENOUGH, no matter what happens to you.

I created a group @mindsetformoms (on Instagram) where I share my knowledge and transformation, all while encouraging and uplifting others. You can tackle your subconscious limiting beliefs and become free as well. There is no time like when you are at your lowest in life, to truly discover your inner beauty.

With love,

Kristi @emmagrace.mommy

Traveling the world…

“I always knew I wanted to do something different with my life. I didn’t want to sit in an office all day with no other passion and ambitions other than waking up and going to work five days a week. That’s why when I discovered my love for travel and exploring the world, I knew I had to do something with my life that involved this.

As a result, I started Sam Sees World (https://samseesworld.com) a travel blog for the millennial travel. With my blog, I have found myself able to share my travel experiences, connect with new people, and explore my creativity. I love to capture my travels in photographs and share these with my viewers. Also, write about everything I did and all the mistakes I made while traveling, so others don’t do the same.

However, my blog is more than just a platform to share my experiences. I use it as a creative outlet, as a place to do whatever I want, however I want. I can write whatever I’d like, edit my photos however I’d like and create a brand around myself with no one else’s influence but my own. It is exciting to see your creative vision come to life exactly as you had wanted.

Starting a blog and becoming a travel blogger wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and it still isn’t. I have spent thousands of hours on my website, creating content, writing guest posts, learning about website creation, and more. It is a never-ending journey of mistakes and learning new things that I wish I’d known months before. Despite all the difficulties I have faced, I am so happy I created my blog.

More so, I have found that a lot of younger people are finding travel and enjoying the thrill and excitement it provides. The more you travel, the more you learn about the world, human connection, and yourself. Therefore, I find it very important to encourage people to travel and see something new! I will love if my content and stories are the catalysts to someone taking the leap and heading somewhere new.

I want to leave people with one thing to remember: travel results in stories and personal growth. And stories are what make life enjoyable, and personal growth is what makes you a better person. I encourage everyone to seek the new and unknown and start writing a story people want to read and become a person people want to know.” @samseesworld